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Chronicles with Chaudhary

It was on my way to Bir (a hill station in Himachal famous for paragliding) where the idea of writing an account of our stupid expeditions dawned on me.On this trip I came up with the name Chronicles with Chutiya Chaudhary. It was one of the most random and fun trip I ever had. 

I have done lots of stupid stuff with my college friends and my good friend Chaudhary have always been the epicenter of these chronicles.This blog is an account of various interesting and memorable incidents that i share with my friends.

 I hope you enjoy this blogs and I all the incidents in this blog are completely true to their word and i really enjoyed these incidents hope you also do the same.

The Conservative Liberal

The world is filled with people who are radically on the right wing side and we have people on the radical left. I am an Industrial engineer and the only thing that gives best results is optimization. The beauty about optimization is that it finds the best result with the given resource in an objective manner.

It has been long since politics of this world has plagued us and exploited us one way or the other. If you think objectively both the sides have certain positives and certain negatives but the optimized result will be if an ideology that combines  positives of both the sides and present a new optimized alternative. We need one desperately