Another Chronicle with Chu**ya Chaudhary

Another Chronicle with Chu**ya Chaudhary

Here is another chronicle with Chutiya Chaudhary. This one poised during our final year at college.

As many of you might know and some might get to know that it is the most vella time of your life with no academic pressure and  a lot of time. That’s the time when you do the most unproductive random things in your life that you will remember for your lifetime. This is one such incident.

We all had developed a knack of playing poker all night. This was one such day but the poker didn’t go for long as everybody was bored, Chutiya Chaudhary had a plan that we should go to the institute swimming pool at 2 in the night and have a nice dip. We had an olympic size pool which was located just 200 m from the directors residence and mind you with guards patrolling all night  long.

So it was me chutiya Chaudhary ,my other friends tappa and Sher.Chutiya Chaudhary   claimed to have  done it some time back and was pretty confident that if we kept quite, it will be all good. So we trespassed and climbed into the swimming pool. There we stripped to our boxers entered the pool and had a relaxing time for 40-45 minutes. I was pretty impressed with chutiya chaudhary for devising scheme

Now chutiya chaudhary had to do some chutiyapa. He decided to dive in the pool from the diving board and was confident that he can manage minimal sound and it was worth the risk. So he did jump and made few splashes and sound. Seeing him my friend SHER got excited and decided that he would also like to dive.

Now imagine that the pool is a rectangle and the diving boards are on the shorter side of the rectangle and we are standing parallel to the longer side. SHER started to run from there towards the longer side of the swimming pool and I was like SHER.. SHERRRRRR………SHERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and he jumped into the pool and it made the loudest splashing noise possible. I was dumbstruck, bewildered with what the hell just happened.

5-10 seconds later I heard a guard nearby who must have heard the splashing noise and starting whistling and shouting “kaun hai” “kaun hai”. We were terrified ,soaking wet just in our boxers and had literally no place to go. We hid behind a wall and started thinking of what  excuse we might give to get out from this situation where we are found standing in the pool at 2 AM in the night. Please comment out any good excuse you can think .Might help someone in a similar situation 🙂

After shivering for 2 minutes behind a wall that covered the viewing angle we realized that the guards also had no access inside the pool since we also had climbed the wall. We decided to wait it out. We stood their for 10 minutes and the guard also lost interest. We put our clothes back on  and climbed the wall again. We decided to split Sher and Chutiya Chaudhary took one exit wall and me and tappa decided to take another.

Now tappa is the most feared guy in our group because of his straight forward questions, will write about that in future.So tappa is also the kung fu panda of our group. All round and fluffy. Since I and Tappa decided to take the other gate. I asked Tappa to climb down first so that i can assist him. Tappa some how climbed the wall and got stuck in the barbed fence of the gate.He was on my side of the wall and was dangerously close to falling onto me.

This is 100% true, he did fell with after defying all laws of physics on the other side, it still haunts me how the hell it happened. He fell on the other side with a bang and cry that would have woken our director leave the guards. I climbed onto the wall as fast as possible and chutiya chaudhary and SHER came rushing to see what happened. Tappa somehow got up and we ran our asses out, some guards might have seem our faces but we some how managed to get back. Panting we decided we will do the same tomorrow

This was another such incident with chutiya chaudhary. I have many more interesting stories with many new characters.

So stay tuned

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