Bhagwaan ki bundupanti

Bhagwaan ki bundupanti

This is another series of stories courtesy  my good friend the Bundu Bhagwaan. I would describe bundu bhagwaan as a smart and conspicuously tall guy but after a closer look you will find him hilarious short(bauna).Every body knows that history is full of instances where bhagwaan pulled off miracles and extra ordinary deeds. Here are a few Miracles from our very own Lord Bundu.

Leela 1:

This one is of our earlier times in gurgaon . Bhagwaan was usually the last to leave for office. One day when somebody returned home early ,he found the front gate unlocked. Every one in the flat was infuriated that how reckless this was . I resolved to remind bhagwaan ‘Talla Laga k Jaana’ everyday. Guess what I was wrong, just after a couple of days one of our flat mate comes to home early and finds that there is lock on the door but the lock is not on the “kundi”. The door was open and bhagwaan had locked an open door.I consider it my fault since i never specified that “Taala Kundi pe lagana” 😛


Leela 2:

One fine day thieves actually broke into our house and it was up to me to call the police and get the complaint registered. Bundu bhagwaan had got some stuff( If you know what I mean) from one of his friends.When the police came to our home for their so called investigation, instead of hiding the stuff, he was fucking rolling it. Luckily I entered the home first  and saw what the hell was Bhagwaan  doing and somehow diverted the police towards the broken lock on the ‘Kundi’ out side the house.

Luckily when I came back bhagwaan was done with the rolling and we were all saved from a happy trip to jail


Leela 3:

Many of you who are residents of North India would know about the “Kawad Yatra”(The orange guys on the road). It was the time of the Kawad Yatra and it means that the road transport is basically blocked and the bus transport system is seriously affected. Bhagwaan decided to visit Devi (Bhagwaans better half) who stayed in  Roorkee at that time

I came home late that night around 10ish in the evening and  while watching TV I received a call from Bhagwaan asking me to order dinner for him . He said that he will be home in an hour and nothing more. I ordered dinner for all, he came back home and had dinner and I couldn’t wait any more, so I finally asked him where was he coming from?. Now the Conversation

Me: “kahaan se a raha hai?”

Bhagwaan:” Devi se milne jaana tha bus nahi mili”

Me: “Kaunse bus stand gaya tha”

Bhagwaan: “Kashmere gate bus stand”

Me: Vahaan se the Roorkee bus nahi milti vo anand vihaar se milti hai”

Bhagwaan (Poker face): “Kuch bhi kuch bhi”

Me:”Kashemere gate  se a raha hai?”

Bhagwaan: “Nahi main New delhi railway station se a raha hoon”

Me:” Vahaan kyun gaya tha”

Bhagwaan:”Vo Kashmere gate se 3 station door hai”

Me:”Saala ‘Jumhri taliya’ 4 station hota to kya farak padta;  logic kya de raha hai”

Bhagwaan(Smug face):”Train dekhne gaya tha”

Me:” Aise hi chala gaya ki pata tha koi train thi”

Bhagwaan(reluctantly): “Pata thi aur reservation bhi karaya tha”

Me (wondering, if he had a reservation why did he go the bus stand in the first place)

Me:” Toh late pahaucha?”

Bhagwaan:”Nahi 10 baje pahauch gaya tha aur train 10:30 ki thi”

Me(waiting in false hope that a logical explanation will come after some time)

Me(after losing hope of a logical explanation):” Toh kyun nahi pakdi”

Bhagwaan(slightly embarrassed):” Yaar train Nizammudin station se thi main NDLS khada tha”

I was staring in disbelief ,what the hell just happened to me. My expressions would have been of increasing bewilderment and plausible deniability with each line of this incredible conversation.

I sat there and called every friend of mine  to tell the story

Best time

Tune in for many more Bundupantiyan

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