Birthday chronicle

Birthday chronicle

It was the eve of my 22nd birthday  and to our delight it was a weekend also. That  week earlier it was Bopals birthday and on his birthday we had another small chronicle. We celebrated Bopals birthday in gurgaon and the next morning Bopal and Chutiya chaudhary announced that we are going to roorkee to drop someone (that some one is classified). So they woke, picked me up, literally picked me up and deposited me in the back seat of the car. Before I could protest we were on our way to Roorkee, Chaudhary was pretty impressed and was giving me a smug look which said “dude I fucked your day and you can not do anything about it”, All in all it was the truth. So I accepted my plight and  resolved to my self that I will go to gym from tomorrow so that I can even attempt to protest.

We reached Roorkee,  journey was all good, we dropped the classified someone to their hostels and set out to meet our MATKE friends. We entered our wing and started the GAY, GAY,GAY anthem at the top of our voice (That is what we call gay kumar). Gay kumar came out of his room in disbelief that how vella were we guys to come to roorkee. We went to the canteen with the rest of the Matka group, the jat artist, the lays king and the chutiya coder. We ate like the good old days at our old canteen and headed back to our place while watching Dark knight rises in the car on our way back(Damn that movie is awesome)

So coming back to my birthday. Chutiya Chaudhary decided that we will go to Ambani’s(Another friend of mine) place in Delhi and celebrate my and his birthday together. Amabani’s Birthday is just a day before mine, So Bhagwaan( the most entertaining member of our group), Tappa and Chutiya Chaudhary picked me up from my office and we reached ambani’s place around 10 ishh. We called Bopal to come over. Our friend Lays king was also in delhi visiting his parents  so we also invited him over.

There were three cakes there that night, one that Ambani had ordered for me one that was the left over from Ambanis birthday and the other that chutiya chaudhary  had ordered. So I had a cake smothered at my face and one at the back of the face and some beer was poured over me. I was asked to cut the cake link a blind man . I some how cleaned  borrowed a t shirt from BAKAR(Ambani’s then room mate) which I still need to return

It was somehow decided that we should go on a trip some where and since it was Navratre some body recommended Vaishno Devi, to this Bhagwaan replied ” its not wise to go to Vaishni devi now since Mata is visiting our homes (Due to navratra’s) and if we visit Mata at her home we might miss her in transit”. Yeah you read it correct, we laughed at this for about 5 minutes and chutiyua chaudhary was adamant that we visit Jim Corbett park but the proposal was unanimously rejected. It was decided that we will go to Ambani’s place  in panipat and from there decide our way forward. We  dropped lays king and the rest seven Bhagwaan, Amabani, Bopal, Bakar,Tappa, chutiya chaudhary and me set out to Ambanis place after our manadatory stop at Murthal for the makhan and aaloo k parathas. It was early morning when we woke up in Ambani’s parking

We mistook the parking lot for a malls parking since there were that many cars there. After being awed by Ambanis estate we decided we need to sleep sometime before heading out. We had a nice fulfilling breakfast at Ambani’s . We borrowed fortuner from the mall parking and set out.

This trip was so random and we were so unprepared that we had to stop at a store on our way to buy the utilities . We bought clothes for the journey and more importantly some Punjabi Song CDs. We set out to Kasuali for no apparent reason, I think some one might have blurted out the name. With the help of ‘Yo Yo Honey singh and Sartaaj’ and not so accurate google maps we reached Kasauli.

It had  the best weather and we were frozen since we only bought shorts. Yeah we were at a hill station in our shorts, We clicked some random photos which by the way were quite amazing and couldn’t decide what to do next. So we sat; cracked many jokes and had some ridiculously expensive and tasteless Maggi and agreed that we were bored here. Then bhagwaan made a recommendation that we should to go to Nangal. We all agreed and next thing you know we were at Nangal with bhagwaan giving all random shit about his creation the “Earth”. You wont believe he was quoting the flow rate of rivers around the world the dam heights. Its all divine you know.

We reached nangal, had dinner there, we also came to know that there is a Devi ka Mandir just 20km from nangal and decided the we should go and pay a visit to the peer group ( a term we use to associate gods) of our friend bhagwaan :). We set out to explore the city of nangal and when we were atop a small dam we saw the weirdest of thing.

There was a car parked on the side railing of the dam and it seemed a groom was sitting in the car along with some of his friends or relatives and there was another group of Haate Gatte gym k poot like people who started beating their asses out. Every passerby was either getting beaten or was beating. That was the weirdest of sight one might ever see. We laughed for a while and  decided we better get back or chutiya chaudhary will get a way to get us beaten.

After all that we woke up next morning had a good time visiting Bhagwan’s peer group (Devi Mata) . After being blessed we set out to see Bhakra Nangal Dam. I was awed by the volume of the water that dam was holding (really it was upto the horizon) and when I said that I think this dam is a holding a large amount of water bhagwan replied and I quote:”BC tune kya socha Magga bhar paani hoga”. We laughed at this for at east 5-10 minutes; saw the dam and headed back to panipat.

The return Jouney to panipat was quick Ambani drove like a true punjabi driver without his shoes at 150 kmph with punjabi songs. Man that guy can drive like hell. He drove the whole way since he didn’t trust us lot and rightly so.

We reached at Ambanis and took the Safari from the parking lot and set out to gurgaon. The journey back was eventful since chutiya chaudhary was driving at a ridiculous speed and steering more recklessly. I was at the back seat of the Safari and I had Hanuman Chalisa on. The ride was really frightening and we really somehow came back.

It was a birthday that I think I will remember and stay tuned for more stories

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