Your first friend’s wedding

Your first friend’s wedding

Disclaimer: The characters used in the blog are not purely fictional and may have some resemblance to a real person.

There are many incidents in your life that can be life altering.  Some may be firsthand experiences and other incidents might affect you indirectly . One such “Incident”  is your first friend’s wedding. It is one of those things which is expected but you don’t have a planned reaction to it. It’s like the resurgence of Jon Snow which was expected by all but now we have mixed feelings.

The wedding of your first friend is a sign of adulthood which let’s face it, is scary. If you may,  plot the ‘change in your life’ (delta)  on the y-axis and time (Age) on the x-axis. You will find the function to be non-differentiable. I think following is a good illustration:

Change is not always for good
The graph of life

The marriage of your first friend is analogous to the first batsman scoring a century in a T20 game. Every batsman knows that there would be some jerk(Chris Gayle in this case) who will make it a general expectation. Likewise, when your first friend(let’s say his name is Pitin) marries, it opens the gates to the world of Narnia where everything is crazy.

Remember when you were in college and the professor took a surprise test which you were totally unprepared for because one student asked for it. That one student who was always opposed to deadline extensions and sat on the first bench was always eager to submit homework on time, sometimes even early; and was always a pain in the ass. Yeah, Pitin is that student.

To bring some perspective here: When you see your distant friends getting married on facebook, there is a feeling of aloofness and it does not register that it can even happen to your close friends. But it’s a totally different ballgame when you don’t come to know about a wedding from a facebook post with 300 likes and 50 ‘Awws’ but from a direct phone call from the bride or the groom. When the marriage card is addressed to you, not your parents ,it is like receiving a certificate of adulthood. I call it the ‘Dread of Pitin’. It is an indication that things are changing.

To be realistic this is inevitable, how much you pray, whatever you do; there would always be a Monday after a Sunday. The point is that Monday is considered  the worst day of the week  just because it is the first day. Similarly, the first friend who marries has to carry the label of Monday. It is also the first time you are expected to buy something thoughtful for your friend when they are throwing a Daru party (which a wedding in this case)

Wedding of your first friend is a pivotal moment in your life. All those who have already attended the wedding of their friend Pitin would agree. And all those who are yet to receive the certificate ‘Dread of Pitin’ should pray that they are not the Pitin of their group. Even if you are, pray that you don’t have friends like the Pitin of our group has. Happy Wedding. No Pressure.

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