The people of Britain voted for independence from the EU. This decision might have serious political, social and economic implication for the world. It will definitely nudge the already destabilized EU into more trouble. Though I think the vote was more of a wake-up call for the elite liberal, who have a tendency to lose hold of reality. Now, Britain has to figure out a lot of things on its own. It’s like taking a decision to stay independently from the family, which let’s face is awkward and has a transition period.

Come to think of it, we also strive for our independence. We believe that we will be better off taking our own decisions rather than someone telling us what to do. One reason we might think this way is because it feels that we were always cheated. I remember when I was young; being told that once I do well in my class 10th board exam I will be set for life (best joke pulled on me so far). Once I was in class 10 I was made to realize that the real deal was after I graduate class 10. Next, I was convinced by everyone that once I did well in a competitive exam that would be the end of my troubles. Yeah, I was fooled once again.

Once I joined college I realized that it is just the beginning of my troubles. Next, the expectation was to land a good Job or get into a better school for higher studies. I am currently at this stage.  Some of my friends(one really: Pitin his name) have already advanced to the next steps. Following is an illustration of the tricks:

The Trick Chart
The Trick Chart

But there was a silver lining at all this which I acknowledge now. Whenever I fell for a trick, I gained certain independence and authority for the way I want to fall for the next trick. Success in falling for a particular trick better positioned me to negotiate  the terms of the next trick.

This is one of the most important lessons I learned in life. Britain is now on the back foot with falling sterling and markets. But if they can pull themselves up; stabilize their economy and generate jobs they will have an upper hand while negotiating with EU. Alternatively, one can burn the other family, but in case you are not Cersei Lannister, it would be difficult to do.

One thing is also certain that we discover our true abilities and potential when we are independent and face hardships. Take the example of Jon Snow who was dead in the previous season and now is the King in the North (because of his decisions) or Anakin Skywalker who became Darth Vader once he decided to make his own decisions (though didn’t turn out to be very good for the galaxy).

We need independence to prove,fail and develop skills in the process. I think hard work never goes wasted and we always learn from  failures. The best thing about learning from failures is that we cannot be an ass about those learnings which is the NOT case when we learn something from our successes. We get cocky and pretentious when we achieve something. Believe me, I have heard myself after the very-very few successes I had thus far.

Getting to the end goal is a mix of the advises given and the decisions made. People give us advises all through our life and it’s not that just Jon Snow (* Targaryen) who knows nothing. But the most important thing is to acknowledge that we know nothing and listen. Take decisions that serve our end purpose. Once you become an assassin don’t follow the many faced god but rather kill Walder Frey (which was awesome).

 Mistakes and misses are going to happen whenever we start something new. But  the idea is to get better and wiser at making these mistakes. One interesting thing I noticed is that learning from the mistakes of others only works when we observe the mistakes rather than listen to it. I realized the importance of locking my room when someone stole my laptop, not when 100 people  warned me about the consequence  (personal experience). Mistakes and learning go hand in hand and I recommend keeping an eye for the mistakes of others.

Independence is one of the major virtues that we strive in life. Achieving it requires risks, success, luck and an end goal. Hope you all get your independence. And Brexit does not invite another economic recession.

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  1. In case you have not noticed with your obvious bias against liberals, the UK is doing fine with the Brexit. Their economy is actually showing signs of growth. If you would like credibility in your blog, try using current facts instead of your personal bias.

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