Procrastination and me

My life so far can be defined as a conflict between the will to do and the desire to procrastinate. And more often than not, the desire has trumped the will.Just to give some perspective, I procrastinated for weeks just to write this blog. And the funny thing is that I did it knowingly . That’s the beauty of procrastination, it’s like the prettiest girl/boy, you know it will do you no good to go after him/her. But you will still fall for it EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Procrastination is the difference between planning to go to a gym and actually going to a gym. I have so many plans in my life and the only thing between me and those plans is tomorrow. It seems to me that tomorrow is today’s biggest enemy. And naturally whatever I want to do today is for a better tomorrow.But tomorrow never understands. It’s like Severus Snape and Harry Potter. Harry believed Severus was his biggest enemy. But in reality, Severus meant only good things for Harry and he didn’t realize until the very end. Admit it, that was sad when Harry came to know the truth about Snape.

There is an analogy that I think represents the feelings associated with the ‘will to do’ and the ‘desire to procrastinate’. The ‘will to do’ is like Hillary Clinton, you know it is the right choice, it’s boring and dull, and you struggled with it in the past. And the thought leaves a bad taste in the mouth . On the other hand, the desire to procrastinate is like Donald Drumpf, you know it is the wrong choice, it is unethical and in the case of Donald Drumpf also misogynist but it is exciting and you want to try it just because it is fun.

Some Perspective

I find it interesting that procrastination almost always has a negative outcome. There is another interesting thing that I noticed. The few cases where I don’t procrastinate also end up having a negative outcome .Procrastination is like, India against Pakistan in a world cup,  no matter India (Procrastination) will win.It’s like procrastination wins when it’s heads and we lose when its tails.

I was listening to a TED talk and the speaker made a very interesting point. He said there are two types procrastinations that we do with different tasks. Tasks for which we set a finite timeline and tasks for which we don’t set a timeline. The good thing about the former is that we often complete them. But most of these tasks are imposed on us by others, like project submissions, product launches at work etc. The latter, the tasks without a timeline are the ones that we often never achieve. The sad thing is that theses tasks are our own goals and we don’t have a fixed timeline to achieve them. Like I would like to travel the world, learn Mandarin, get a skydiving license and watch Wimbledon live on the center courts just to name a few.

It is a real pity that the goals I have always take the last seat since. The tasks I do complete, I do them half-heartedly and in a dash at the because of procrastination. When I think of it this way it really seems a very depressing ,but kind of true also. But I hope someday I will get around completing the goals that really matter to me. Until then I have tomorrow.

Here is a link that will help tomorrow:  Mind of a Master Procrastinator


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