The First Chronicle

The First Chronicle

This is my first stab at righting blogs. Forgive me for the bad English but  enjoy the story. Everything in this blog is true and based on real events. Hope you enjoy this

Staying in gurgaon was like an extension to hostel life but with more money to spare and cars at our disposal. This is the story about one such long weekend.

We were six friends staying together in our rented flat along with two of our college mates who resided  in gurgaon with their families and floating population of 5-6 people coming to our place weekly. We had a good friend circle and were extremely accommodating and fine with whomsoever visited us and stayed along at our place.

This was a different sort of weekend where I was alone with chutiya chaudhary and our other flatmates were visiting their parents for Holi. We decided to spend the weekend doing something new and asked both our local friends to come over. One of them was with his parents planning to watch “Queen” . Realizing our plight he invited us to watch the movie with him and his family and we also invited our other friend ,lets call him the Bopal .We watched the movie and headed back to our place where to our amazement we found one of flatmate drunk with a wrecked car and a story to tell.

Lets call him Mikesh bhaiya. Mikesh bhaiya just discovered his one true love that single night. It was all entertaining and we had a good laugh which stalled our departure for a couple of hours. We had a good jab at the incident  but it eventually turned out she was the one. That’s another story to tell

We decided to leave for Bir which a place in Himachal because chutiya chaudhary had heard about it 2 hours earlier from one of his seniors. So me Bopal and Chutiya Chaudhary completed the chutiya pack and set out to Bir on unreliable google maps at 4AM in the morning.

Our first stop was at Murthal for the tasty parathas. I think this was the first blunder we committed, this was the pivotal point for the Bopal gas tragedy. We slept there in the car and woke up with the nose hair burning smell of first bomb by bopal. Leaving Bopal’s garam hawaei at Murthal we set out to panipat to meet our friend Ambani .

After having a royal treatment at Ambani’s factory  we set out on our way to Bir with  relentless reminders of Bopal gas tragedy. With the help of the not so accurate google maps we found ourselves in a random city with roads so bad and narrow that even Lalu prasad will feel belittled. Chutiya Chaudhary maintaining his track record wrecked another Alto car at a speed of 20 kmph. Chutiya Chaudhary has a talent of  getting involved in accident when he is driving only at 20 kmph. Our troubles of the Bopal gas tragedy had an addendum of an angry mob, literally there was a mob surrounding us and the man whose car we brushed was the least keen.We some how managed to get out of that mess with our wallets significantly lighter. After few wrong turns by the google maps and few more instance of the gas tragedy we decided to settle for the night at Palampur and set out for bir in the morning.

Next morning we woke again by the nose burning effect of the Bopal’s gas tragedy. Man he had an upset stomach. We set out to bir and everything was uneventful till we reached the place where the registration for para gliding happens. After our wallets being significantly reduced by the heroic driving of chutiya chaudhary the man who owned the service decided that he will trust us with making the transaction once we reach gurgaon since there we no ATMs around. He literally offered us the tickets free without any collateral. Never understood why. Though we made the transaction a week after.

The para gliding stint was  a fun experience and after that we decided to head back since Bopal parents were of the view  tha Bopal was at our place for the weekend and were expecting us to be at their place for Holi. We had to reach Gurgaon the same day and it meant all day driving. We were stuck in a festival at one of the places where Bopal got his side view mirror broken. Till then it was fine but then people randomly started opening the gates of the car and stated boarding it . We were tired so we gave those people a good banter, if you know what I mean.There could have been another scene with the mob, but we averted it somehow.

We somehow passed from there and got to NH1 where we realized we dont have the fucking keys of our house and Mikesh Bhaiya was the last to leave . Its hard to believe but we covered 200 km in 2 hours.  Went to noida to fetch the keys from Mikesh Bhaiya and reached home at 3 am in the morning after 47 hours and 1300 km ,Paragliding and the Bopal gas tragedy. We had to visit Bopals parents the next day for holi. We made to their place, had a good lunch and played some holi. Aunty inquired what we did for weekend. We lied: “nothing” and she felt sorry and decided to take us to a movie that evening. And the movie was “Queen”, since we had said nothing at all we had to play along and completed the weekend the way we stated it with the movie Queen which by the way is a good movie.

This was one such Chronicle with Chutiya Chuadhary. I have many more to follow

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