The pivotal Moments in life

The pivotal Moments in life

Disclaimer: All character that appears in this blog are non-fictional. This is a true account of the horrors I faced during the conversation mentioned.

When seeing the birds eye view of life, we will notice that life is defined by some pivotal moments. Rest everything is a follow-up to that decision or incident. When we were young most of our pivotal decisions were made by our parents. We lived with the consequences of those decisions, one perfect example is the great Rahul Gandhi. I think he and  the congress party are both suffering from wrong decisions of his parents.


As a kid, our life outside the home is always decided by the kind of friends we make at school and in our neighborhood. Just imagine if Harry Potter was friends with Draco Malfoy vs Ron Weasley. I am talking about all this bull shit because I had a pivotal moment in my life recently. Before getting to the point I wanted to give some backdrop unlike the fate of Jon Snow. I want people to know what is going on before they are stabbed ( a reference to an acquaintance ).


One of the big pivotal moment of my life was when my parents decided that I was OK at math. I don’t have many complaints in regard to my parents choosing my career, I consider my parents to be at least smarter than Tushar Kapoor’s parents while choosing a career for their children (why is he still an actor ?). So I became an engineer, got a job worked for a couple of years with hopes of making big and starting my own company someday, but with no concrete progress in that regard.

I was having a great time with my college friends while working, we had money, spare time, and resources. As you can imagine our spending decisions were similar Vijay Malaya’ s in terms of business soundness. Buying stuff we didn’t need, spending in places that made no sense and so on (but we didn’t have a calendar though). Some of my friends had girlfriends I to teased them with prospects of marriage as Indian government does of bringing back black money and ending corruption. Both make the subject uncomfortable, with no likelihood of either becoming true in the in the near future. As Joey from friends will say “it is a Moo point. It’s a cows opinion it does not matter.”


But one of my friends who was committed for a few days walked up to me one fine day and said Seth Suit Silva le( get a wedding suit tailored ). I remember being stumped with no response, two other friends who heard him had the same expression of denial on their faces. We were as confused as Graeme Smith is against Zaheer Khan.

My feelings could be best understood by Tommen Baratheon, it seems that I had nothing left. We had no clue what to do, it’s like you are making a joke that Sir Jadeja can take 10 wickets and score a triple century in the same match. When he actually does, then the joke is not funny and the one cracking the joke looks stupid. It was a pivotal moment in my life when the jokes I cracked were no longer classified as jokes but as somehow reality.


You could see on my friends face that he was shit scared himself but he dodged the inevitable for another year. The next pivotal moment came when my parents forced me to study further. Apparently, B tech is not a good enough qualification. So I decided that I want to learn more in the technical domain and would like to study analytics. This has opened more avenues for me and I think my parents again forced me to a good decision. Moral of the story, listen to your mom.


Now after the end of my course, my friend who was engaged during the course of my course called me. He was also interviewing for a company in the same city that I was also planning to stay. During the first half of the conversation, I was pretty excited that my friend was coming to stay with me. But as soon as he recommended that he wants to stay with me, it triggered my panic mode.

I just hung up the phone and it  dawned on me that he will be married very soon. I was as frightened as Suresh Raina is of short balls. I consider this as a pivotal moment in my life. The prospects of him staying in the same place with me scared the shit out of me. My other friends proposing the prospects of me becoming an unpaid nanny didn’t help a lot.


As the great Joker said ‘ all you need is a push rest the gravity takes care’. My friend is now pushed and he is going to fall. Only Batman can save us now.

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