The Political force

The Political force

The world of politics is strange

It seems dissent is the only consent that politicians can arrange

I was told that politicians are here to serve

Now I think they exploit until they reach peoples nerve

A democratic government is a representation of the electorate

Realizing this I think we are in a very poor state

Either we are inherently corrupt and flawed

Or our democracy is not true and the influential have it clawed

Accepting the former is losing hope

So believing in the latter is something we will have to cope

so why do oppositions stall the parliament

It is an act that for me is total bewilderment

The logic is that they are serving the nation

By stopping the institution of policy generation

It is like your cancer doctor being stopped by your nurse

Because someone in the hospital said a curse

Politicians play on peoples fear

Not on their aspirations that much is clear

Take the fear talk from Donald Drumpf and his opinions

As stupid and as absurd as those stupid minions

To discombobulate people from the things that matter

Congress came up with in tolerance and trump with all the nonsense chatter

Inherently I think we like news/information that is sensational

Media’s bias and hype is unconditional

It seems to me all the talk is superficial and vague

And real issue never reach the peoples stage

I hope there are politicians who are conservative liberals

And this becomes one of the new major kernels

I know like politicians from this poem nothing much can be taken

But let’s wait and see when does the force awakens

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